We have partnered with Rogers Benefit Group to offer small business employee benefits with expert implementation and world class customer service from our agency.

Business owners can enjoy up to 40% potential cost savings on health insurance annually with underwritten plans.

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Life Insurance

Coastal Family Insurance offers life insurance funding for cross purchase plans. We also offer Key Employee coverage for the one who makes his or her position so valuable that if you lost them due to death, it would cause a hardship for your company.

Key Person Life Insurance

Key Employee coverage can help fund the search for a replacement and at the same time help you retain your important employee as part of your executive employee bonus plan.

Learn more about Key Person Life Insurance in this video:

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Disability Insurance for you and your small business employees.

Priced tailored to each job class and we also offer executive, physicians, physicians assistance, Dental, RN’s, Attorneys, Judges and many other white collar executive classifications.

Business use automobile? Are you a small business owner that uses his or her personal vehicle for work? Progressive now offers a business use class for you!! Call and ask how this class can protect you while in your personal vehicle!

Taking Care of Your Small Business

Small business owners can benefit from Coastal Family Insurance. Our partnership with Rogers Benefit Group is your strength when you need health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, dental or other ancillary coverages for your employees.

Coastal family understands the cost to your company and we respect every cent you spend.

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