Putting safety first when preparing for time in the sun

posted on July 6, 2018

Preparing for Summertime

Hot and sunny days are a sure sign summertime and the start of another hurricane season is here.  Florida provides a perfect tropical backdrop to enjoy our warm waters and the lush outdoors. We encourage our agents and policyholders to complete all 2018 Hurricane Preparedness Plans now and save time to maximize summertime in the sun. Below are a few areas to consider when planning this summer.

Pool Safety

Implement “Pool Rules” to prevent harm from coming to your family and friends. Consider the following2 Basic Pool rules:

  • Children are not allowed to swim in your pool without adult supervision
  • Never dive in head first without knowing the depth of the pool

Agent Tip: Discuss liability and medical payment options with policyholders.

Hurricane Preparedness

Establish an Employee Hurricane Plan for your staff before summer plans and vacations make it difficult to address questions and concerns.  Take a few of the following items into consideration when making your plan:

  • Who will keep staff members informed of office openings and closures?
  • Where will staff members convene in the event it is not safe to return to the office?
  • How will computers, servers, and office equipment be protected?
  • How will communications to policyholders take place?

Agent Tip:  For more business preparation tips, click here.  

Outdoor Safety

Being out on the open water and exploring the great outdoors are ways many Floridians prefer to enjoy their summer. Taking the appropriate safety precautions before you depart on an adventure can assure a wonderful time for all. Consider these options before venturing out:


  • Make certain a lifejacket is available for each guest onboard
  • Monitor weather conditions to avoid storms at sea
  • Stay alert by avoiding alcoholic beverages while operating the vessel


  • Consider packing for the weather conditions you may encounter while exploring
  • Keep food safe and at proper temperatures
  • Avoid disturbing animals in the wild

Agent Tip: Discuss Marine/Boat  & RV insurance options with those policyholders who own watercrafts and recreational vehicles.

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